About Spivey Insurance Group

Spivey Insurance Group is a full-service, family-owned insurance agency located in Indian Trail, North Carolina. We opened our doors almost two decades ago with one goal in mind: Protecting what’s closest and most important to you, our neighboring families, individuals, and businesses. That’s our expertise and it’s what we do best. We’re passionate about putting our expertise to work on your behalf!

It’s personal with us!

We serve our neighbors throughout both North Carolina and South Carolina – families, individuals, businesses and nonprofits. We’re also licensed in Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. We’re proud of our in-house team of highly experienced insurance professionals who share a philosophy of providing superior service to our clients, going the extra mile, doing whatever it takes. We’re also part of the Keystone Insurers Group network of independent insurance agencies, which means that we have access to a broad array of the nation’s premier insurance products and companies. We’re able to provide all the leverage and advantages of a large national firm but with all the personal service and attention that only a local firm can offer.


We understand the qualitative difference that a local insurance agent can make because we got our start and earned our expertise working at a large national firm. But after a while, that impersonal style of business just didn’t sit well with us. The people that we talked to were more than just numbers – they were families and individuals working hard to get by. The organizations that we dealt with were more than just accounts, they were small and mid-size employers playing an important role in the communities where they reside.


That’s why we chose a different path and set out on our own: We don’t want to work on behalf of an insurance company, we want to work for you.

We’re in the business of improving lives

Some people think of insurance as a numbers business but we see it first and foremost as a people business and that’s a vital difference. Whether you are an individual, a family or an employer, it’s getting to know what’s important to you and creating a custom safety net that will afford the best protection at the best price. Too much coverage and you will be wasting hard-earned money. Too little and you will risk serious losses should the worst occur. It’s about planning the right balance for your unique situation. That’s what we do best. Our goal isn’t to sell something to our clients: it’s to partner with them to protect what’s closest and most important to them.


In addition to our commitment to our clients, our commitment to community is a key value. Our agency is focused on giving back and constantly improving both ourselves and our community. We live by protecting what is closest to us.


We’re pretty sure that we’re on the right track with our philosophy of superior care and local commitment because every year, most of the clients we work with not only renew, they send their neighbors, friends, and business colleagues to us, too. That trust means everything to us – it’s the foundation of how we’ve built our agency from the ground-up over the years. We live by our honesty, our integrity and our expertise because we’re rubbing shoulders with you and your family in our community every day.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

We’ve been serving you, our hardworking neighbors of North Carolina and South Carolina, for a quarter century, and we know how to get you the coverage that will provide peace of mind.


Drop us a note or ask for a quote. Better yet, give us a call or stop by our office.

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