North Carolina Commercial Auto Insurance

Keeping your on-the-road assets protected

If you are in business, chances are you rely on one or more vehicles for business purposes. If so, you likely need North Carolina commercial auto insurance coverage. Don’t be deceived by the word “auto” – this coverage encompasses trucks, vans, limos, taxis, cars, and a wide variety of other business-use vehicles. The vehicles may be owned, leased, or rented and can range in number from a single delivery van to a fleet of trucks. If your vehicle is registered as a commercial vehicle or if you use it for business, then you need commercial auto insurance.


Vehicles that would require a North Carolina commercial auto policy may include:

  • Business use vehicles: A contractor’s pickup truck
  • Vehicles used to transport goods: Box trucks for a moving company or cars used to make food or floral deliveries
  • Transporting people – a fleet of taxis or a day-care school van

A potentially costly mistake

To many of our North Carolina and South Carolina small business neighbors, the need for commercial auto insurance comes as a surprise. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and small business owners to rely on their own personal cars or trucks to tool around town, make their deliveries, and conduct their business. This is a risky practice that leaves your business and personal assets exposed to liability. Most personal policies won’t cover an accident that happens on business time – you would most likely need to boost your protection with a commercial auto policy.


The right kind of policy for you will depend on several details, such as who or what the car transports and how much you drive each day. There may be other considerations or rules that come into play: For example, if you have large trucks, you may need truck liability; if you engage in inter-state transportation, there are federal requirements; if you provide certain types of public transportation, you may be subject to Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) rules for safety-sensitive workers.


When it comes to exposing your business or your personal assets to potentially ruinous liability, why leave things to chance? Spivey Insurance Group has more than 30 years of experience under our belt. Our experienced staff can walk you through a business needs analysis and help you find the right coverage at the right price. We work with more than 30 of the nation’s premier insurance companies, so we can compare policies from multiple sources. Working with us will ensure that you’re getting access to the best plans the market offers. We’re located in Indian Hill, North Carolina, but we are also licensed in South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.

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At Spivey Insurance, there’s nothing we are more passionate about than working with local businesses. The trust of our neighbors means everything to us. It’s the foundation on which we’ve built and grown our business over the years. We live by our honesty, our integrity and our expertise because we’re working hand-in- hand with you in our community every day.


We’d love to talk with you about the ways we can help you safeguard your commercial vehicles. We’re happy to look over your existing policies and give you our analysis as to whether your business is adequately covered or has exposures through gaps that could be easily addressed.


Drop us a note or ask for a quote. Better yet, give us a call 704-821-4460 or stop by our office.

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