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There aren’t many things more important in the South than food. The Carolinas may be known for our signature barbecue, but the variety of great food in this area goes far beyond smoked meat. The Huffington Post even voted Asheville, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina two of the best 13 food destinations in the United States!


At Spivey Insurance Group, we cater to the food service business. The hospitality industry is one of our areas of special insurance expertise so if you are looking for the right North Carolina restaurant insurance coverage, we can help. Whether you’re a single establishment or a chain of locations, we serve all types of food service from sandwich shops and truck stops to gourmet restaurants and caterers.


We offer insurance policies specifically tailored to restaurants and have special programs for:

  • Casual dining
  • Bar & grills
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Fine dining establishments.

Restaurants face unique risks

It’s not easy to juggle these risks, but that’s where we excel. We understand the restaurant and hospitality industry and the risks that you face so here’s our proposal: you do the cooking, and we’ll dish up the protection. We’ll work with you to cover any standard risks and to identify any exposures unique to your operation and recommend a coverage plan to protect your business. We work with more than 30 of the nation’s best insurance companies so can find the right program or specialty coverage for any challenging risk that your business might pose.


Your employees are another source of risk: cuts, burns, falls, trips, or even a punch in the nose from an intoxicated patron. As if all that weren’t enough, you face the usual risks that any business would related to property, vehicles, reputation, and business interruption.

Dishing up the right coverage mix

Opening any business can be a risky venture, but a restaurant faces a host of challenges that can be daunting. When you’re serving the public, there are lots of things that can go wrong, from a slip on the front walkway or a food poisoning claim to property stolen from the coat check room or a kitchen fire. Food service establishments also have a high exposure to liquor liability and crime.


One insurance coverage that you need is mandated by law. If you employ more than three people, you are required by North Carolina law to carry workers compensation coverage to protect your employees should they experience a work-related injury or illness. Other coverages like commercial property, commercial auto, and commercial general liability are standard coverages for the normal risks of doing business.


There are also industry specific coverages that we’d recommend.

  • Food contamination coverage protects you if something like a major power outage causes your refrigerated food to spoil, this policy would help you replace it.
  • Liquor liability coverage: General liability doesn’t protect businesses from alcohol-related legal action, but liquor liability will.
  • Excess insurance, inland marine, cyber liability, employee dishonesty and other specialty programs might be warranted depending on your particular operation.

Talk to us!

At Spivey Insurance, there’s nothing we are more passionate about than working with local businesses. The trust of our neighbors means everything to us. It’s the foundation on which we’ve built and grown our business over the years. We live by our honesty, our integrity and our expertise because we’re working hand-in- hand with you in our community every day.


We’d love to talk with you about the ways we can help you safeguard your business with right North Carolina restaurant insurance policy. We’re happy to look over your existing policies and give you our analysis as to whether your business is adequately covered or has exposures through gaps that could be easily addressed.


Drop us a note or ask for a quote. Better yet, give us a call 704-821-4460 or stop by our office.

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