North Carolina Bonds

Bonds provide protection and show others that you’re willing to do what’s necessary to prove that you’ll stand by your work. They’re often demanded by organizations to guarantee you’ll fulfill your obligations. “Handshake deals” are not enough – having the right bonds can be the competitive edge that you need when bidding on a job.


Spivey Insurance Group is your North Carolina & South Carolina bond specialist. We offer a number of different bonds, depending on your business’ needs:

Contract Bonds

Guarantee the completion of a public construction project.

Maintenance Bonds

Guarantee you’ll correct defects or compensate the owner for work you perform.


The ideal bond for contractors seeking their first bond or for contractors that rarely need them. They’re credit-based, quick to process, and require little underwriting information to evaluate your risk and exposures.

Bid Bonds

Guarantee you’ll do the work if an owner chooses your bid.

Payment & Performance Bonds

Guarantee you’ll pay laborers, subcontractors, and suppliers for their work and/or materials.

Commercial Bonds

Required by local, state, and federal government agencies to obtain or maintain a license or permit.

Court Bonds


Spivey insurance Group provides bonds pertaining to actions filed through a court of law. These bonds are often needed to reduce the risk of financial loss or to ensure the fulfillment of a court-appointed task. We offer the following court bonds:


Let us help you secure a bond so you can retrieve your wrongfully taken or detained personal property before your court date.

Administrator, Executor

We can help you secure an administrator or executor bond to demonstrate your trustworthiness, whether requested by the courts or the family of the deceased.

Sheriff/Misc. Indemnity

Let us protect you with a sheriff or indemnity bond to shield you from defendants seeking damages.


We can help you meet court and state statutes with a bond demonstrating you will faithfully perform your assigned duties.


Let us help you secure a probate bond to show you will adhere to the legal process to transfer and disperse assets.

Public Official Bonds


If you’re a public official, you may need to post a bond to show you will perform your duties faithfully and honestly. We can provide bonds for those working in the following areas:

  • Tax Collector & Treasurers
  • Notaries
  • City, County Positions
  • Court Clerks
  • Hunting & Fishing License Sales

Federal Bonds


A bond is often a necessity when you want to apply for and win a federal contract. Spivey Insurance Group can help you fulfill your bond needs when applying for the following:

  • Medicare (DMEPOS)
  • STAMP Signature Guarantee Bond
  • H2A Farm Labor Contractor
  • TTB Brewer
  • TTB Wine

Fidelity Bonds


Fidelity bonds can protect against employee dishonesty such as theft, burglary, forgery and embezzlement. They can also provide a competitive advantage when seeking new business.

  • Business Services Bond
  • Specialty Outside Services Bond
  • Blanket Fidelity Bond
  • ERISA Bond

License & Permit Bonds


Many entrepreneurs and businesses need bonds to ensure they will comply with the applicable laws or regulations of their industry. Spivey Insurance Group can help you with a license or permit bond for the following activities:

  • Contractor License (all types)
  • Mortgage Broker/Lender
  • Home Inspector
  • Lost Title
  • Insurance Agent, Advisor, Broker, Adjuster
  • Precious Metal/Gem Dealer
  • Manufactured Home Dealer/Contractor
  • Commercial Driver Training
  • Appraiser
  • Private Investigator

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