Refer A Friend

Our special thank you: $1,000 referral reward


There’s nothing more important in life than family, friends and neighbors and no more secure feeling than knowing that “they have your back.” Neighbors looking out for neighbors is the foundation of any good community.


That’s why it’s so particularly gratifying and satisfying to all of us at Spivey Insurance Group about the way you, our clients and friends, have our back. We’re so proud of the fact that year after year, the bulk of our new business comes from satisfied clients who recommend our services to friends, neighbors and colleagues. We’re humbled and grateful and committed to maintaining your trust.


We wanted to find a special way to thank those of you who are helping us grow our business by taking the time and effort to refer us to your friends and family. We love it when you “Just Keep Talking” about the special treatment and great service you receive from us.


You are truly the best advertising we can get, so instead of paying for expensive ads or ad agencies, we’d much rather direct this money as a special “thank you” to our loyal clients.


Here’s how our Referral Reward program works:

  • For every referral you send us, your name will be entered into a year-end drawing for $1000.00.
  • Also, for every referral you send us, you will receive a $10.00 gift card.

Program rules:

  1. There is no limit on the number of referrals.
  2. The program is open to everyone, not just clients.
  3. The prospects referred do not have to become our clients for the referral party to receive any of the rewards and/or chances in this program but we must have enough information to be able to give a quote to the prospect.
  4. We are not responsible if the law says you cannot win due to age or any other reason.
  5. The drawing for the $1000.00 will take place in December.

Refer Your Friends!