Insurance for North Carolina Landscapers

As a landscaper, you create outdoor spaces for clients, architects, or designers and the work requires plenty of tools and machinery. With all of that machinery, risk is an inherent part of your work.


Landscapers need specialized insurance to address these unique risks. Here are just a few of the core coverages most landscape companies should consider.

Landscapers’ General Liability Insurance


Owning your own landscaping business is busy, hard work and you probably don’t have the time to fuss over insurance. Nonetheless, you need it. A client could trip over a tool or piece of equipment and injure themselves, or you could damage a client’s house unintentionally while landscaping their property.


You can’t predict the future, but you can protect yourself from the financial impact of negative events that could lead to a lengthy, expensive lawsuit.


Fortunately, general liability insurance protects you from the costs associated with a lawsuit such as medical bills, and it provides for a legal defense and settlement. It also protects you from claims such as slander and libel.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Landscapers


If you employee 3 or more people, full-time or part-time, in your landscaping business they’ll need workers’ compensation insurance coverage. It covers expenses for an employee’s work-related illness or injury, such as lost wages and medical treatments.


We know workers’ compensation requirements well. We’ll ensure proper employee classification and recommend ways to reduce risk. Let us keep you in compliance with the coverage you need.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Landscapers


As a landscaper, you spend plenty of time traveling between jobs and sometimes in very busy areas. You rely on your vehicles to transport employees, tools, equipment, and materials to work sites. You need a commercial auto insurance policy to protect you from lawsuits and to compensate you for damage to your landscaping pickup trucks, vans, dump trucks, and other vehicles.

Landscaper Business Owner Policy (BOP)


Landscapers often choose a business owner policy, because it offers value and improved coverage. It combines major property and liability risks, and you pay one premium.


A business owner policy includes property insurance for your premises and contents, whether you own or lease. It also includes general liability coverage with high limits. You can also buy additional coverage to protect your tools and equipment.


Spivey Insurance Group can create a policy to protect you from your greatest risks, without spending money on unnecessary frills.


Spivey Insurance Group is a full-service insurance agency. You can rely on us for unbiased advice, access to high-quality products, and friendly service. We can help you protect your business now, and as it grows.

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