Insurance For North Carolina HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors face many unique risks they need to address to protect their business. You probably have many assets including your workers, equipment, vehicles, and tools. Without proper coverage, you’re putting it all at risk, unnecessarily.


Proper insurance coverage also helps your business deal with emergencies that can happen while conducting business. This includes injuries, property damage, and equipment failure. Here are a few coverages you may want to consider to protect your HVAC business.

HVAC Contractor General Liability Insurance


North Carolina HVAC contractors need general liability insurance to protect assets if they’re sued. Understandably, many clients and contractors won’t work with you unless you have it as it shows you’re willing to provide a guarantee should something go amiss.


Regrettably, things can go wrong. Accidents or injuries can occur, and you could find yourself in court. Fortunately, general liability insurance protects your business from the costs associated with a customer, visitor, or sub-contractor lawsuit for property damage and personal injuries. It pays for a legal defense, and a judgment if you’re found responsible.


It also protects you from customer claims for slander, copyright infringement, libel and other actions that violate a person’s rights or their business reputation.


Unfortunately, HVAC businesses operate in an environment where lawsuits occur often and a single lawsuit could easily cripple or destroy your healthy business if you do not have adequate general liability insurance.


Let Spivey Insurance Group balance risk and cost so you have the best protection you can buy for your unique HVAC business.

Contractor Equipment & Tools


Spivey Insurance Group can tailor your policy to protect your expensive equipment and tools. Without these items it’s difficult to earn a living and they’re often very expensive to replace.


Coverage can include routine tools and equipment you transport to and from jobs, even while you’re in-transit. Protection can extend to temporary storage areas on a job site, too.

HVAC Installation Coverage


Often times, an HVAC contractor transports, fabricates, and installs equipment on the job site. Spivey Insurance Group can add an installation floater to your policy to cover your owned and non-owned property while you’re working on a job site. This floater can also cover materials transportation to and from the job site to ensure you don’t pay out-of-pocket for unintentional damage.

HVAC Contractor Workers’ Compensation


Unless you qualify as a self-insured employer, you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance if you employ 3 or more people, part-time or full-time.


With over 25-years of experience, Spivey Insurance Group knows North Carolina business and workers’ compensation requirements. With access to a number of carriers, you’re sure to receive the best value for your insurance dollar. Let us help you control risk and minimize loss.

Commercial Auto Insurance for HVAC Contractors


As an HVAC contractor, you probably spend plenty of time driving to and from job sites, sometimes in the densest, busiest areas in North Carolina. You may have a fleet of HVAC vans, trucks, and cars that all need proper coverage at an affordable price.


Luckily, Spivey Insurance Group’s team of insurance professionals has plenty of experience and access to many quality commercial auto insurance products. We can recommend what work’s best for you, and you receive the best coverage, rates, and service.

HVAC Contractor Business Owner Policy (BOP)


A business owner policy combines several insurance forms into one policy with greater protection. Typically, you receive higher general liability coverage and more coverage for your building and contents within one premium.


Optional coverage includes protection for your income, data breach, and more. Spivey Insurance Group crafts your policy to suit your specific needs and to save you money.

License Bonds for HVAC Contractors


All HVAC contractors must provide a statement of bonding ability and/or a surety bond when applying for their license. Spivey Insurance Group is a full-service insurance agency – we can help.


Rely on Spivey Insurance Group for expert, unbiased advice and high-quality insurance products for your electrical business. We work for you – not the insurance companies.

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