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What’s Important to you?

If you’re looking for insurance coverage, you should start with one question: What’s important to you?


It’s as simple as that: creating a custom safety net that protects the things that are important to you. A plan that is tailored to your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.


Depending on who you are and what phase of life you’re in, that question could have many answers. Today, it might be the shiny new car you worked an extra job to pay for or the special collection of antique china that your Grandma left you. Tomorrow, it might be the two kids running around with the puppy in the yard or the new business that you are launching in your home’s spare room.

Neighbors helping neighbors

Whatever the important things are to you today, one thing is clear: When you think about the most important things in your life, you might entrust them to a family member or a neighbor – but you certainly wouldn’t trust them to a stranger.


We think it’s pretty much the same when you look for a professional to help plan your personal safety net. The things that are important to you are more than just a question of dollars and cents. Why trust your security to a large corporation or a voice on the phone when you could turn to a neighbor?


At Spivey Insurance Group, we’re a family-owned business that lives, works, and plays in the same community that you do. We have all the financial expertise you need and we’re eager to share it with you because you’re not simply a number, you’re a neighbor. We live by our honesty, our integrity and our expertise because we’re rubbing shoulders with you and your family in our community every day.

Preventing and solving problems

All too often, we meet people when they’ve already had a problem. Some of the biggest myths we hear: “I don’t have anything of value;” “My landlord’s got me covered;” “You only need flood insurance if you live in a flood plain.” We also see too many people buying “bargain” coverage only to learn about serious coverage gaps when a major problem occurs. Problems like these break our heart because they are so easy to prevent.


What’s important to you and what are your needs? Home condo, or rental insurance? Coverage for your vehicles? Protection for an expanding family? Or maybe it’s insurance for a special event that you can’t leave to chance, like a wedding.

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