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Dealerships face unique risks –we’ll help you protect your business!

As a used car dealer, you play an important role by providing reliable, affordable vehicle options to the community. But your business has a lot of risks and complexity – from the cars in your lot and the mechanics in your garage bays to your salespeople on the showroom floor. You require specialty insurance coverage to protect your business, your property, your inventory, your employees, and your customers. There’s a lot resting on your shoulders.


Spivey Insurance Group understands the unique needs of used auto dealers. We’ve been a reputable insurance provider in North Carolina and South Carolina since we opened our doors, and our employee expertise encompasses more than 30 years working with businesses like yours. We have the expertise and bench strength to assess your risks, find any gaps in coverage that could expose you to loss, and match the right products and services to protect your operations. We work with more than 30 of the nation’s best insurance companies and our agents are highly experienced in working with auto dealers. Plus, we live in the same neighborhoods and shop at the same stores you do, so we understand the communities where you do business.

The right protection for the risks you face

In addition to standard policies like general liability and workers compensation, there are a handful of policies that are specific to auto dealerships. The details of the policies can get confusing, so one of our insurance professionals will go over them with you line by line.

  • Garage liability to cover liability resulting from ownership of the garage
  • An auto dealer’s surety bond meet state laws and protect your customers from financial risk
  • Garagekeepers liability to protect your customers cars if they are in for any repairs
  • Dealers physical damage insurance to protect dealer-owned vehicles
  • Optional coverages such as commercial umbrella, pollution liabil
    ity, and other specialty
    coverages to boost your protection

Talk to us!

At Spivey Insurance, there’s nothing we are more passionate about than working with local businesses. The trust of our neighbors means everything to us. It’s the foundation on which we’ve built and grown our business over the years. We live by our honesty, our integrity and our expertise because we’re working hand-in-hand with you in our community every day.


We’d love to talk with you about the ways we can help you safeguard your auto dealership. We’re happy to look over your existing policies and give you our analysis as to whether your business is adequately covered or has exposures through gaps that could be easily addressed.


Drop us a note or ask for a quote. Better yet, give us a call 704-821-4460 or stop by our office.

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