April Fool’s in the Office!

April Fool’s Day is coming tomorrow and we all know what that means….time to mess with your co-workers (all in good nature of course)! Consequences may result and you might have to work next week constantly looking over your shoulder, but it’s well worth it when you see the look on your co-workers face when they realize they’ve been had. But some people wonder, what’re the best and most appropriate pranks to pull off in the office? If you don’t have a very creative or scheming mind, then continue reading to see our top 10 office pranks that will leave you laughing all day!


1. Crossed Wires – Do you have co-workers that work side by side? For a good laugh, switch the telephone plugs of your colleagues’ phone lines and enjoy the entertainment and confusion as they continuously receive each other’s phone calls.

2. Quick Change – While this one requires a little bit of planning ahead of time, the results are great. With a couple of other co-workers, arrange to bring several different changes of clothes and accessories. Then, throughout the day repeatedly change outfits, making sure that the prank reciprient sees as many different ones as possible…and just wait for the confusion to set in.

3. Speech Recognition Create an official notice to employees that a piece of equipment within the office is now equiped with speech recognition technology, including some key commands to use. After sticking the notice to that piece of equipment, just enjoy the entertainment as co-workers shout at an object! *For added fun, secretly video tape the action to use in the future.         

4. Fun With Mice – Although a classic prank, this is still a fun quick one to pull of on colleagues. For anyone that leaves a mouse unattended, remove the tracking ball (or with modern mice put a piece of tape over the laser tracker) and watch the confusion as your co-worker tries to figure out what in the world is going on.

5. Where’s the Paper Clip Coming From? In any office where a photocopier is still in use, this is a class prank. Place a paper clip over or on a blank piece of paper and make several copies. Now place your copies back in the tray…now whenever a co-worker makes a copy they will see a random paper clip on their copy and search desperately trying to find it.

6. Bathroom Fun – For this you’ll need a pair of shoes, some pants, and some newspaper for some stuffing. In a toilet stall with a gap at the bottom, set up these items so it looks like someone is in the process of using it. Lock the stall and then throughout the day your mystery “person” will confuse and worry your co-workers.

7. Blue Screen of Death! – Everyone has experienced the panic of the blue screen of death at some point in their life, which makes this the perfect prank if you like to witness that hilarious look on your colleague’s face. All you have to do to pull this off is find the perfect screen grab and then when your co-worker steps away from their computer, leave it on their display or set it as their screen saver for a nasty surprise!

8. Can You Hear That? – This prank is perfect for any paranoid co-worker you may have. Make a recording of a repetitive noise (like a heart beat) or find an old, portable radio. Set the volume so it’s just barely audible and then hide the noise in a drawer or filing cabinet somewhere within the office close to your co-worker. When they ask you if you hear that noise, prepare to deny all deny (while keeping a straight face) in order to make your co-worker think they’re losing their mind.

9. Wrong Number – Another great way to cause confusion is to get ahold of a co-workers list of extension numbers within the office. Swap the numbers all around so that when your colleague tries to make a phone call to a work buddy, they’re caught surprise by hearing their boss’ voice.

10. Just Smirk – Possibly the best prank of all (especially if you’re a known prankster) is to do absolutely nothing at all. Co-workers will come in for the day waiting in paranoia to find out what prank you’ve done to them this year. All you have to do is egg them on with a smirk and random remarks like, “have you used the copier yet today?,” or “Enjoy your coffee.”

Source: Mashable.com

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