Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

Our plans can get disrupted by pandemics, but Mother Nature stops for no one! June 1 marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, and this year will likely be very active. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting that this hurricane season will be heavier than average with 13-19 named storms, 6-10 of which will be hurricane level. There have already been two named storms this year. We want all of our friends and neighbors to be safe and prepared to weather any storm. To help you protect yourself, your family and your home, here are some tips on preparing for hurricane season:

Have Your Emergency Kit Ready

You can find the National Hurricane Survival Initiative’s checklist of things most people need here. Be sure to have supplies for each member of your family (Don’t forget your pets!) to last about 3 days. Also, don’t forget any special needs (medical equipment, glasses/contacts, etc.) for which you may need supplies. 

Talk About Hurricane Safety

It’s a good idea to have a discussion with your kids about your family’s plan if a hurricane strikes. 

Secure Your Home

Protect your windows with storm shutters or plywood boards. You should also be sure your gutters are clear.

Secure Your Outdoor Property

Have space available to stow away your lawn furniture, gardening tools, toys and anything else on your property that isn’t bolted down. You don’t want these items blowing around and potentially hurting someone. 

Trim Trees

Look around your property. Are there branches that look like they could come down with heavy winds and damage your home? Trimming your trees could save you a headache (and a lot of money) down the road. 

Know Your Emergency Local Shelter

If a hurricane is severe enough, you may need to be evacuated. Knowing where you will need to go ahead of time will be one less thing for you to figure out during an extremely stressful time. 

Put Your Valuables in a Safe Deposit Box

We’re not likely to be needing our passports any time soon! It’s a good idea to keep deeds, titles, insurance policy paperwork, passports and other important documents in a safe deposit box so you don’t need to worry about them being lost or damaged.

While we hope this blog has been helpful, it’s far from exhaustive. We recommend you check out the Red Cross’s Hurricane Safety Instructions for more information. 

While we’re on the subject of securing your home and keeping your family safe, being properly protected with homeowners insurance and flood insurance is very important. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have about your insurance. Give us a call at 704-821-4460 and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest


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