Best Vacation Spots in North Carolina

North Carolina has some great Vacation spots for the whole family that you do not have to travel far to get to. Whether you like the mountains, Beaches, or just city life, we have it all. Don’t travel far if you don’t need to!


The Outer Banks consist of a long strip of beaches along the North Carolina Coast. They have beautiful beaches and fun restaurants and hotels to enjoy your stay in. Wilmington also has a beautiful beach. Wilmington is a college town beach area, so this has a college aged crowd rather than the Outer Banks with more of a family oriented feel. Wilmington is also on the southern part of North Carolina’s coast so this may be closer than the Outer Banks on the north end depending on where you live.


North Carolina is known for their mountains. The Appalachian Mountains pass through North Carolina leaving many vacation areas to choose from. Asheville is one of the more popular cities along the Appalachian Mountain Range. There are beautiful scenery spots you can park and take many pictures admiring the views. Not to mention there are some awesome ski slopes. They will not be open in the summertime but good to keep in mind as the weather gets colder.

City Life

So, you would think that North Carolina’s capital, Raleigh, would be the biggest city in North Carolina, but Charlotte is the biggest at almost 1 million in population. Raleigh is second with half of the population. Charlotte has a beautiful skyline and many activities for the family. Some of those activities include Charlotte Motor Speedway, Epicenter, Discovery Place, Carowinds Amusement Park, Whitewater Center, and much much more! Although Charlotte is not by the coast or in the mountains, they have beautiful lake vacation spots. Lake Norman and Lake Wylie are popular lakes right outside of the Charlotte area.

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