Bet You Didn’t Know That July Is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Well, July is upon us and that can only mean one thing. It’s National Cell Phone Courtesy Month! Yay!!

Ok, calm down, I know this is exciting news in case you didn’t already know it. Take short easy breath’s. Ok, that’s better.

It’s quiz time for all of you now who think you really know your cell phones.

1. How many cell phones are in use in the USA? (A) 285 million+.
2. What percentage of Americans own cell phones? (A) More than 90% of all American own a cell phone. Wow!
3. What percentage of Americans prefer their cell phones over landlines? (A) Over 1/3 of Americans. 

Cell Phone Courtesy Month was originated due to the rude behavior some folks exhibit while using their cell phones. Of course, none of us act rude on our cell phones but I’m sure each of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

On a personal level, one of the most aggravating things to me is when people talk on their cell phones in restaurants and when the ringer goes off in church. That’s just plain rude and this month is the time to consider how we use the cell phone and maybe you want to forward this article to your friends as a reminder. 

Some people seem oblivious to all things around them when they talk on their cell phones. Sorta like cell phone zombies. I can usually tell when the person in front of me is driving while talking on a cell phone even if I can’t see them on the phone. Just something about the way they drive. 

Here are some tips for using your cell phone in public:
1. When in meetings or places of business, take a moment to silence the ringer.
2. Keep your conversations at a low volume. Many people unknowingly raise their voices during a cell call and accidentally share very private information with those around them.
3. Whenever possible, excuse yourself from a room and step out to make and receive calls.
4. Learn how to turn on your phones ringer to vibrate. You don’t miss a call, and you don’t disturb others.
5. Don’t text and drive. Yes you’ve heard it a thousand times. Don’t be a statistic. Just pull over for a moment to send your text. Here at Spivey Insurance, we want you to arrive alive.

You would be amazed at the auto accidents that involve cell phone use while driving. It’s very important for you to have the proper auto insurance coverage on you and your car and family to guard financially against those who may be prone to an accident while using a cell phone. 

It would be just awful if an accident were to happen and you find out the person who hit you was not properly covered. We will make sure you have the proper amount of coverage for your car. 

Having a great Charlotte auto insurance policy in our area is a must. The traffic can be terrible around Charlotte and it seems that almost everyone is driving with one hand on the wheel and a cell phone in the other. 

Our advice? Give us a call today, just make sure you are not driving ok? 
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