How to Celebrate National Walking Day!

April 4th is “National Walk to Work Day.” Join in with the rest of us who will walk to work, or when we get home from the office. A 30-minute walk outside enjoying the weather can help increase your physical and mental health! On April 4th, make sure to a have a conscious decision to add a walk to your day and get that heart pumping!

A short walk can help break those winter blues and gear you up for a new start. Lowering blood pressure, better sleeping habits and a lower risk of heart disease are just a few advantages of taking that brisk walk.

A half-hour of walking burns about 150 calories and raises your metabolism for hours afterwards. In fact, walking a mile rather than running it will burn more calories due to the longer time spent moving. Walking can also increase your energy level.

By walking to work or walking when you get home, you can fight existing cancer or help prevent cancers from developing later. Walking will also flood your body with oxygen, creating an unfavorable environment for cancer, which thrives in hypoxic conditions.

Remember to share what you’ve learned and grab the kids and spouse to accompany you on your walk. They may not be happy when you drag them out of the house but they will thank you later! Spivey Insurance Group knows how important your health is. We want to make sure you are protected with your mental and physical health.  Make sure to stay connected with Spivey Insurance Group on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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