Celebrate National Home Office Safety & Security Week

Home office workers across the nation who thought that the season of celebration has ceased can get excited about a new commemoration: National Home Office Safety and Security Week. From January 6-13, entrepreneurs all over the country will be analyzing the safety of their work environments in observance of this responsible occasion, and there are a few simple tips to get anyone started.

Create a Fire Plan

Home offices are known to employ the use of multiple electronic devices, and this increases the risk of fire. The first line of defense is to properly secure wires and cords to reduce the hazard, and this can be done by using a cord containing device, which can be purchased at most office supply stores.

While this initial step significantly reduces the chances of a fire, it can still occur. Therefore, it is crucial to have a functioning smoke detector and fire extinguisher within close proximity. The home office worker should periodically push the smoke detector’s test button to ensure the batteries are still working.

Last but not least, the office worker should meet with the entire family to devise a sensible exit plan in the event that the fire becomes uncontrolled. Multiple exits should be available to accommodate any room of the home.

Radon Testing

Radon is a silent killer, and it is present in hundreds of home offices without anyone even knowing it. The best way to determine if an office is at risk is to have the professionals test. If present, they can instruct the business owner on the steps necessary to correct the problem.

Arrange for Childcare

While many home business owners started their endeavor in an attempt to spend quality time with the family, time spent working will still require their undivided attention. Failure to arrange for childcare while working can put children in danger. Although office workers may be home, childcare arrangements should still be made while they are working.

We hope these tips help you make your home office safer.


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