Could It Be Time to Update Your Insurance?

When a major life event occurs, the birth of a child for instance, it’s understandable that insurance is not at the forefront of your mind. However, it’s after those drastic changes that updating your insurance is most important. As your life changes, your insurance needs change too! In observance of National Insurance Awareness Day which is June 28, we’re giving you a friendly reminder to think about the last time you updated your insurance. Has it been a while? If it’s been more than a year or two, we hope you’ll give us a call! There are two benefits to keeping your insurance up-to-date:

Closing Gaps

We’re here to make sure your insurance is current with everything you need to protect. Having children, changing vehicles and building an addition to your home are all big events that alter your insurance needs. Even if life hasn’t changed much for you recently, there may be gaps in coverage you didn’t realize you had. For instance, the limit on your homeowners insurance may not have kept up with the value of your possessions if you haven’t reviewed it recently. Making slight alterations to the limits or endorsements on your policies is an inexpensive way to ensure you’re fully protected. 

Saving Money

In addition to closing gaps in your insurance, another reason to regularly update your insurance is that you may be missing discounts. Just for auto insurance, many carriers offer discounts for good driving, going paperless, having certain safety features in your vehicle and bundling your home and auto insurance together. All these discounts (and these are just a few!) are ways you can reduce your rates without compromising your level of protection. Who doesn’t want to save some money! 

National Insurance Awareness Day may not be the most exciting day of the year, but if we just reminded you that it’s been some time since you reviewed your insurance, it’s served its purpose! 

At Spivey Insurance, we’re here to make everything simple for you. Go ahead and give us a call at 704-821-4460. We’ll ensure you, your family and your belongings are protected and that you aren’t overpaying for that protection. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest too!

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