Create Safe Teen Drivers

Handing your newly-licensed teenager the keys to your car is a surefire way to make your heart rate, stress level, and insurance premium rise. But are there ways to make your teen driver a safe driver?

The best way is one we’ve all heard a thousand times – talk to your teen. Make driving discussions a regular part of your time together, but make sure the conversations are relaxed, never accusatory. Nothing will make your teen shut down faster than if they feel you are blaming or yelling at them for something. Be willing to listen too, when your teen expresses concerns or has questions.

Make your teen realize that driving is a privilege. Breaking laws or rules will result in that privilege being revoked. Be firm with the parameters you’ve established. For the almost 3000 teens killed in motor vehicle accidents last year, there were no second chances, so revoking driving privileges is a way to show your teen they must follow the rules and you care about what happens to them.
Use your own driving as an opportunity to teach or show your teen things they may not encounter while driving on their own. While nothing can replace behind-the-wheel experience, ask your teenager questions while they’re in the passenger seat, such as “Am I allowed to turn right on red here?” or “Who has the right of way in this situation?” This will encourage your teen to think about correct driving procedures any time they are on the road. And if your teen corrects you, be happy! By spotting a mistake in your own driving, the teen will be much more likely to correct a problem in their own driving.
Learning how to handle a teen driver can be a stressful experience. No one understands this better than your local insurance agency. Talk to a local agent today about what insurance options fit you and your teen the best.



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