Cyber Insurance can Protect you and Your Small Business

This time of year there are many ways other people can steal your identity. This can occur in many different ways. Here at Spivey Insurance Group we want to make sure you have several tips that make sure you are covered from identity thefts.

Take Care of Your Devices. Your smartphones, computers, and mobile tablets are all vulnerable to hacks and attacks. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Watch your Online and Email Use. Being online is one of the biggest cyber security threats, but it’s not like we can ever go completely offline, either. Since the internet is such a big part of our lives, it’s best to know how to navigate it safely.

Be Aware of your Information Offline. We tend to think of identity theft as an online problem, but in reality, it’s an offline one, too. Identity theft isn’t new, only the tricks being used.

Technology and the Internet have opened whole new worlds of business possibilities, adding new levels of efficiency, reach, and communication that afford a small business the ability to compete with much larger companies. But there are always two sides to every coin and the flipside is the exposure to cybercrime. On the great scale of business threats, cyber risk is a relatively new and emerging exposure. Cyber Insurance is very important. A lot of companies offer it on a policy and have it for optional coverage. Click here to learn more about cyber insurance through Spivey Insurance.

At Spivey Insurance Group, we are staying on top of this emerging exposure and the insurance products available to address this threat. We work with dozens of the nation’s largest insurers so we can access the coverage that is right for your business. We want to make sure you are protected in every aspect of your life. If you have questions regarding your  insurance policy give us a call at 704-821- 4460 or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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