Firework Safety at Home

Holiday celebrations are all about family, friends, food and fun – and sometimes fireworks. Handled safely, these can be a great climax to your backyard festivities and the perfect end to a memorable day. Taking a few precautions will ensure that the memories of the day are all good ones. You can begin by limiting your purchase of fireworks to those which are legal in the area where you live.

It’s important to keep in mind that a key component of all fireworks is, or course, fire. Whatever means are employed to ignite your fireworks, such as matches or butane lighters, should be used only by responsible adults. Children should be kept a safe distance away and supervised at all times.

Choose one specific area for the fireworks and make sure none are lit or set off outside this spot. Ideally, a portion of a patio or deck made of concrete, brick or similar non-combustible material could be used. If a lawn area is selected, make sure it is clear of dry brush or anything else that could catch on fire.

Once fireworks are finished, they should be immersed in a bucket of water to make sure there are no hot embers left inside. If placed in a trash container without this extra step, they could cause a problem. It is also a good idea to have extra buckets of water and a garden hose near the area in case sparks reach any combustible substances.

Accidents can still happen, in spite of the most careful planning, which is why comprehensive homeowners insurance should be maintained. Part of your holiday preparations might include a call to your agent to make sure your coverage is adequate and will protect you, your home and your loved ones from any mishap. Then you can truly relax and enjoy the holiday to the fullest!



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