Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids

Halloween is approaching fast. The best part of Halloween are the Costumes, or it may be candy depending on who you ask. Here are some fun ideas for Halloween Costumes this year!


It can be a Dinosaur, Dog, Cat, Bird, Dolphin, Bat, Ant, Bear, Lion, Octopus, Starfish Etc. The fun thing about animals is that you can go all out with a costume, or you can do it lowkey with just some face paint depending on what it is.


Here are some ideas for superheroes Captain America, King Kong, Superman, Hulk, Batman, Spiderman, Catwoman, Thor etc. Some ideas for Villains are Venom, Joker, Darth Vader, Wicked Witch of the West etc. Some of these you can be as simple as a T-Shirt but most you should probably get a costume, so people know who you are trying to be.


You can also dress up as a kind of employee such as a Nurse, Policeman, Chef, Construction Worker, Businessman, Firefighter etc. You can also dress up as your favorite athlete like a Football Player, Soccer Player, Hockey Player, Basketball Player etc. This would be the easiest because all you will need is their jersey and maybe dress like them too.


You can always dress up as a Chocolate bar, Pumpkin, Banana, Pizza Slice, Coca-Cola, Cookie, Juice box etc. These would be fun costumes to have!


These are great costumes for two people trying to play off each other Dueling Dragons, Mario & Luigi, Romeo and Juliet, C3P0 & R2D2, Milk and Cookies, Ninja Turtles, Mr and Mrs. Potato head, etc. There are so many different types of duos you can do!

Here are some ideas to get you started in the search for your costume! You can follow us on Social Media

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