How can I teach my kid to make good decisions when going back to school?

Having Kids can be STRESSFUL. We know that as your kid gets older, they kind of do what they want, or what others are doing around them. It is very important to teach your kid safety tips at a younger age when they are starting school. Here are a few tips that every kid should know.

Don’t talk to strangers

We know most parents teach their kid not to talk to strangers, but have you tried role playing? It is important to give them examples of what strangers may say and know how they would respond. It is important to be sure they fully understand all the steps to avoid dangerous situations all together.

Stick with a group

Kids love to explore, wonder, and quite honestly, get lost. Until they realize that they are lost. It is important to make sure your kid knows to stick with the group they are with. Especially if the class is traveling. Normally the school will have a buddy system in place, but you still want to be sure your kid knows how important it is to stay with the group as well. We all know how easy it is to sneak away from the group without being seen.

Bus Safety

Bus safety can pertain to kids but also to us. You want to be sure that if your kid is riding the bus that he pays attention to the surrounding cars. It is also our job as adults to pay attention to busses on our local roads. Especially with all of the technology now, it is more common to be distracted behind the wheel. That is why it is important to teach both the kids and our peers the importance of bus safety.

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