Insurance before Your Wedding

Wedding season is fast approaching and if you are in that stage of your life Spivey Insurance Groups has you covered. At Spivey Insurance we offer wedding insurance that will protect you for reasons outside of you control. Wedding Insurance is a form of coverage that protects the bride and groom from issues that may arise during their wedding ceremony.

We all know before the wedding is very hectic. It also is a very large financial investment and make sure you are able to get the proper insurance for this special day. Wedding Insurance falls under a category of insurance called event cancellation coverage. These policies are designed to reimburse policyholders for financial losses if an event is cancelled or postponed for reasons outside of the bride and grooms control.

For wedding insurance, policy coverage and benefits are broken into a number of different components, which may include, cancellation/postponement, extra expenses, and event photographs. Cancellation and postponement coverage is the first and primary piece of wedding insurance is the protection against the cancellation or postponement of the entire event. This form of insurance will cover the financial aspects of the wedding if you are forced to cancel the wedding.

Next is the jewelry insurance. We all know the the sentimental value behind the ring is priceless, but the rings themselves can be replaced if they are insured. Ring insurance can be purchased as an extension or “rider” to you renters or homeowners policy. If the ring is lost or stolen then this type of policy will cover the loss. No one plans on losing their engagement ring, but accidents do happen and in this case you want to be prepared. If the ring is lost it could be a serious financial hit.

Deciding on whether wedding insurance is worth it will depend on your personal finances as well as the circumstances of your wedding. Both the jewelry insurance and the event cancellation coverage will help out if something doesn’t go as planned.  If you have any questions about insuring your wedding, give the agents at Spivey Insurance Group a call at 704-821-4460. We know how to insure your wedding venue and provide the protection you need. Share with us what you will be doing with your wedding this summer on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus!

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