Is Cost the Best Decision Maker When Buying Insurance?

Why do we buy insurance? In order to understand how to shop for insurance, we must first answer these three questions,

Why are we buying insurance?

People look for insurance to protect their belongings. Whether it be a home, car, boat, business etc. they want to make sure that if they were to lose it, it would be covered. If you have a $300,000 home and it were to burn down from a fire, the first thing you do is call your insurance agent….

In the event of a loss, who would take care of us?

What if your insurance agent says, “oh well, you wanted to pay less on your homeowners insurance so you lowered your value on the home to $150,000”. A good agent would never have let you do this for this exact reason. People do not understand how insurance works, you need to have an agent that not only knows but educates you.

Who can we trust?

Here at Spivey, we are known for our educated employees and amazing customer service. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at our 125 5 star google reviews! We value our customers a lot and we love when our customers value us. We pride ourselves in educating our customers so that they never have a doubt in what they are covered for.

Most of the time people decide where they choose their insurance by who can give them the best price. That is easily the most dangerous way to choose insurance. You can always get a better price. If we revolve insurance off price, then eventually you will get what you pay for. Trust me, insurance is not something you want to be cheap with. There are people that have gone bankrupt because they did not have enough coverage and they were sued for everything they owned just because of a car accident. That is why choosing your insurance agent is extremely important. Unless you are educated in insurance then you most likely do not know what your policy covers. You do not want to wait until a claim happens to find out.


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