Join Us in Celebrating Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

Being cooped up during this pandemic, many of us are bingeing adorable animal videos to amuse and cheer us up. There’s nothing quite like a furry friend to brighten your day. Our office dog Molly, who you see pictured here getting some love from Colby, brings us so much joy! If all this time spent at home has given you the desire to welcome a pet (or an additional pet) into your home, this is a great time to do it. Today is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day was created as a reminder to everyone that there are so many pets in shelters waiting for good homes. A study by the Best Friends Animal Society discovered something heartbreaking: in 2018, 55,900 shelter dogs and cats in North Carolina were killed. You are truly saving a life by adopting your pet from a shelter rather than buying from a breeder. We know because of how loving Molly is that these animals are so appreciative of being given a second chance. 

Even if you unable to adopt a pet, shelters are always in need of food and other supplies to keep these animals well until they are able to find homes for them. In observance of Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, we encourage you to donate whatever you can to your local animal shelter. Or if you’re looking to welcome a new dog or cat into your family, we encourage you to adopt one of the thousands of sweet, loving animals waiting for their forever home. 

If you can’t adopt or donate at this time, be sure to give your pets an extra treat and hug today! For more cute pictures of Molly, be sure to follow us Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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