Would You Know What to do in a Hit and Run Accident?

Car accidents are a very serious and stressful event that happens in someone’s life. The first thing when an accident occurs is to stay at the scene in a safe place. When the accident occurs, there are questions and thoughts running through your mind, but remember there are crucial steps you need to take to make sure you protect your car and yourself. Here are four steps that Spivey Insurance Group recommends if you are involved in a Hit and Run accident.

1. Use your smartphone. Get out your phone and click on the Spivey Insurance Group Mobile App. This app will walk you through the insurance claim process. If you don’t already have it installed visit our website moblie app page.

2. Take as many pictures as you can. For example your car’s damage , location, and time of accident. Make sure you retrieve the other car’s license plate number, note color of car, make and model. Try to take a picture of your car and the other car involved in the accident. You can upload pictures straight onto the app. and to your agent.

3. Call the Police to report the accident. See if there were any witnesses that watched the accident happen. You can also create an accident report right from the Mobile App.

4. Contact your insurance company. After the accident occurs make sure you fill out all the information on the app. The mobile app goes everywhere you go. Also, give us a call after the accident occurs and we can help answer any additional questions you may have.

Spivey Insurance Group will begin the claims process. Depending upon your insurance coverage we are able to help with the towing and finding a rental car. In a hit-and- run accident having the minimum car insurance coverage may not offer the protection you need. Spivey Insurance Group is here to protect what’s closest to you. To avoid being held financially responsible for potential costs, make sure your policy has uninsured motorist. This policy will protect you against those drivers who don’t have liability insurance. As always, feel free to give us a call us at 704-
821-4460, if you have any questions. Stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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