Do You Know What Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Limit Should Be?

Even though the holiday season came and went weeks ago, what’s great is we still get to enjoy our gifts! Did you receive any gadgets or jewelry? The lull between the holidays and the start of spring is a great time to take an inventory of the possessions in your home. This is important because a home inventory will help you ensure the limit on your homeowners insurance policy is adequate to cover a loss. The valuation of your home and possessions can change, especially when you acquire things over Christmas. 

Creating a home inventory can seem like a daunting task, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier:

  • Get help from an app. There are apps you can download, such as Sortly, Nest Egg and MyStuff which will help you stay organized.
  • Take lots of pictures. Photographing entire rooms as well as valuable individual items will help you not forget anything.
  • Count some things by category. Don’t feel the need to detail every single item in your home. You can group things like clothes, books, kitchen utensils, etc. together into one category and value them as a whole.
  • Take it bit by bit. If you complete one room or one collection, reward yourself! Don’t feel like you have to do this all at once. 


If you already have a home inventory or just completed one, that’s fantastic! The next step after having an accurate valuation of your home and goods is making sure the limit on your homeowners insurance policy is enough to replace all of your possessions. In North Carolina homeowners insurance policies can vary greatly, and we want to be sure yours works for you. We would hate to see you suffer a loss from theft, fire or another calamity and not have enough coverage. 

We’re here to help! At Spivey Insurance, we want to make sure all of our North and South Carolina neighbors have adequate protection for their homes and everything in them. We’re happy to go over the specifics of your policy with you and help you determine if you’re properly protected. 

If you have any questions regarding your insurance policy, give us a call at 704-821-4460 or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

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