May Is National BBQ Month. Time For A Grill And An Insurance Safety Check Up

May is one of our favorite months of the year for a lot of reasons. The weather here in Carolina is near perfect in the month of May. 

Everything is really greening up and the pools are opening. We plan our trips to the beach because the water is warm enough to swim in now. 

But perhaps one of our favorite reasons we love May, is that the outdoor grills start firing up and the wonderful aroma of BBQ fills our Carolina Blue Skies in the afternoons.
You know what I mean. 

You step outside in the afternoon and you immediately know your next door neighbor is grilling burgers in the backyard. It’s almost torture to smell. 

You find a reason to get closer and you give a little wave as your neighbor opens the lid to flip the burgers and the wonderful white smoke rolls out from under the hood of the grill.
Your mouth starts watering because you see him basting those burgers with his secret sauce he always brags about and he gives you a little wink. 

You look over at your grill and there it sits under a cover. Lonely. Wanting to be loved. Wanting to cook some delicious steak or BBQ for your family. You wonder if there is even propane in the tank. 

It’s time for action. Pull off that cover. Unhook that tank and go get a fresh new tank of propane for the summer. Or go buy that tall back of charcoal. It’s time to BBQ! 

While you are there, pick up a new pack of outdoor grill accessories and one of those goofy aprons that cooks wear. 

With all of the good times of summer ahead of you, don’t forget about taking those simple little steps to ensure that everything is safe and in good working order.
The last thing you want to do is to call us here at Spivey Insurance and make a claim because your grill had a mishap and burned down your outdoor deck and the back of your house. 

It only takes a little time to safety check your equipment and make sure you have things like fire extinguishers ready and full.
Do you have children? Make sure you take the proper safety steps for grill safety which may include safety latches so they can’t turn the valve on a propane tank. 

It only takes a minute to give us a call here at the office or visit our Charlotte homeowners insurance contact page and request an insurance health check-up.  Make sure everything is up to date and you are covered in the case of a little accident. 

What if your guests have an accident while visiting? Call us, we’ll make sure you have the proper coverage. It only takes a minute and we’ll do all the work. 

We would encourage you to watch this video from the NBC Today show about a couple who had an accident with their outdoor grill and their home suffered damage which could have been avoided. 

Spivey Insurance does not want you to become a statistic and suffer damage from the result of anything associated with outdoor grilling. We want all of you to enjoy a wonderful summer full of outdoor grilling and fun.

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