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New Year, New Home Safety Tips

There are plenty of ways to start the New Year off on the proverbial right foot. One of them consists of making your home safer, while decreasing your insurance costs a bit at the same time. How can this be done? Thanks to technology, you have plenty of home security and safety options. Consider implementing one or more of the following ideas.

Install a Smart Home System

Part security system, part automation, these setups can do everything from locking your front doors and adjusting the thermostat using an app to keeping an eye on the front of your home via a doorbell camera. With them, you know everything that’s going on in and around your home, and you can alert the authorities as needed, even if you’re hours away. Plus, a home security system can help you save money on your home insurance because you’re less likely to be subject to burglary and theft.

Make Your Outdoor Lighting Better

Outdoor lighting not only provides plenty of protection, since people with ill intent don’t want to be seen, but it can also prevent you and your loved ones from tripping and falling in the dark. Thanks to motion sensor lights, timed lights, and other forms of technology, you don’t have to worry about increasing your electric bills while keeping your home safe.

Update Your Smoke Detectors

On top of installing outdoor lighting, make sure that your smoke detectors are working properly. There are plenty of newer options out there, including detectors that pick up on carbon monoxide and other hazards, and even those that are hardwired right into your home’s electrical system. No matter which ones you choose, do regular checks to ensure they are active and working correctly.

Re-Insulate Your Pipes

Thanks to climate change, the weather is a bit wonky, and even areas that normally wouldn’t see cold temperatures have to deal with them. When the temperature drops, those uninsulated (or older insulated) water pipes might freeze, cracking them in the process. This causes flooding and water damage once the weather warms back up. Make sure to update the insulation around your pipes to keep them in good condition.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Although getting to know your neighbors isn’t technically a home improvement like everything else on this list, it’s a good way to keep your home safe. The better that you get to know each other, the more likely it is for them to notice when something is wrong and alert you to it, and vice versa.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Finally, speak with your insurance company to ensure that you have enough coverage in case of a fire, flood, or other forms of natural disaster. Your homeowner’s insurance policy needs to be enough to cover a full replacement of your home and its contents, as well as anything that you want to have covered that’s located outdoors like a gazebo or storage shed. Plus, with all of the safety precautions that you’ve put into place, you may qualify for a discount or two on your policy. You just have to let your Spivey insurance agent know!


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