North Carolina Bond Insurance

Here at Spivey Insurance Group we specialize in bond insurance. Spivey Insurance Group is your North Carolina & South Carolina bond specialist. We offer a number of different bonds, depending on your business. Below is some more information about the bonds we have to offer.

  • Contract Bonds: Guarantee the completion of a public construction project. Make sure if your business is starting a public project to have a bond with contractor.
  • Maintenance Bonds: Guarantee you’ll correct defects or compensate the owner for work you perform.
  • Fast bonds: The ideal bond for contractors seeking their first bond or for contractors that rarely needs them. They’re credit-based, quick to process, and require little underwriting information to evaluate your risk and exposures.
  • Bid Bonds: Guarantee you’ll do the work if an owner chooses your bid.
  • Payments & Performance Bonds: Guarantee you’ll pay laborers, subcontractors, and suppliers for their work and/or materials.
  • Commercial Bonds: Required by local, state, and federal government agencies to obtain


If you have any questions about what kind of bond you may need, please give one of our qualified agents a call at 704-821-4460.  Our agents can walk you through the bond process for your business as well as, provide protection for your workers compensation, general liability and any other form of insurance you may need. Make sure to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus!

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