Off-road Adventures, Make Sure You Are Insured

Enjoying beautiful scenery that nature offers us while navigating an ATV can be pleasurable. Friends, family, young and old all enjoy exploring the country hills or coastal plains in designated riding areas.

Truth is ATV’s and all safety equipment that owning recreational vehicles involve become rather expensive over time. A national survey estimates that nearly $5,000.00 annually per rider was invested in ATVs, gear, and safety equipment. Is there something you can do to protect those investments? Obviously, that’s a lot of money every year that is used for family exploring or just plain fun that needs safeguarding.

Off-road vehicle insurance protects your equipment on and off the trails. In the case of your vehicle getting damaged while riding it, insurance would be able to help you pay for those repairs. In an unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen, off road vehicle insurance would help cover those costs as well. Whether you are a frequent rider, or not that involved in offroading but own an off-road vehicle it’s important to keep your investment preserved.

It’s your responsibility to enjoy your recreational vehicle (ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, Side by Sides, Buggy, Quad or any other off road vehicle) as you choose. It’s our responsibility to ensure that your equipment is safe so you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors.

Let us take care of the things that bring enjoyment to you!
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