How to Prepare your Home this Spring

The first day of Spring is quickly approaching. The first official day first day is March 20th. Here at Spivey Insurance we want to protect you and make sure your house is fully prepared for this season transition. Here are 4 recommendations to get your home ready for the spring season.

Clean your house. This is the perfect time of year for your home to get a deep cleaning. Whether you do it yourself or your pay someone, it is completely worth it. Start by gathering your cleaning supplies, toss anything that is old, or you do not use anymore, and begin organizing your belongings that you do have. It is also a great time to do some cleaning that has been neglected over the year, such as, dusting the blinds, washing windows, and scrubbing the baseboards. It is not always fun, but the reward is great!

Organize your closet. You can put away your sweaters and jeans and bring out the tank tops and shorts. As the weather transitions so does your wardrobe. Make sure to put away your winter clothes, you won’t be needing those for a while.

Bring on the flowers. Spring is known for its beautiful flowers. Placing real or even fake flowers in your home will lighten the mood in any situation. They brighten up your home and can be very inexpensive. You can place flowers in your bathroom, family room, or bedrooms.

Add colorful pillows. Adding colorful pillows to your living room and bedroom areas can brighten up any room. Since the trees and flowers are blooming outside, why not also add some color and change up your more traditional rooms in your home.

Clean up your porch and deck area. Since the warmer weather is approaching you will do more entertaining outside. Make sure that your deck and porch are not neglected when sprucing up your home for spring. Adding some plants to your entryway door, adding a new colorful rug, and sweeping the porch makes a world of difference. Adding new decorations to your deck such as lanterns, pillows, and new outdoor furniture can make your deck even livelier. Spring is a great time to clean up these areas, so you can start enjoying them again.

While the season is transitioning do not forget about your home. While redecorating and cleaning your home make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy covers all the risks too. Spivey Insurance Group is here to help you. Call one of our agents at 704-821-4460, and they can design a homeowner’s insurance policy that fits all your needs. Spivey Insurance Group knows how important it is to spend this upcoming season with family and will make it easier for you! Make sure to stay connected with Spivey Insurance Group on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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