What are the Pros of Taking your Dog to Work?

When people see a dog, they can’t help but smile and get excited. Research shows that spending time with a canine companion can help your overall health. Taking your dogs to work can have multiple benefits. Here at Spivey Insurance Group we have a dedicated office dog named Molly. You have seen her on our social media posts and she loves coming to work. Molly seems to brighten up our days by always giving us loving, tail wags and making us stand up from our desk to give her belly rubs.  Here are just a couple more benefits from bringing your dogs to work!

Stress Relief. There’s a scientific reason why dogs can make you feel better when you’re stressed or anxious. Petting a dog increases your levels of the stress-reducing hormone. In a workplace dogs can act as a stress buffer and make a great break for your colleagues.

Work-Life Balance. Many people rush home after work to go take care of their animal. Allowing employees to bring pets to work allows them the opportunity to stay late and catch up on work. Plus, having their dog with them at the office eliminates the guilt of leaving their dog home alone all day.

Retention & Recruiting. There have been studies that show that pet friendly companies retain talent. They feel a loyalty to their company since it is pet friendly.

Employee Wellness. Sitting for hours on end at your desk is bad for your health. Taking small breaks throughout the day is a good way to stretch and get moving. Dog’s at work help with frequent and healthy breaks outside. Dogs help employees relax and help continue to return to work refreshed.

Here at Spivey Insurance we want to make sure you have a enjoy the work environment in your office. There are proven studies that having dogs in the office help with stress and productivity. We would love to see pictures of your dogs at work. Make sure to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus!

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