How to be Protected during Severe Weather

The heat and humidity tend to lurk around in the spring and summer months in North Carolina, which can cause severe weather in our area. Occurring either late in the afternoon they often come with high winds and heavy rains. Thunderstorms are obviously an inevitable part of nature. Here are some precautions that can greatly reduce hazards and property damage that can occur during any storm.

Make sure your outdoor areas are properly covered.
Clear your backyard or front yard areas if you know that storms are in the area. You can cut down trees that may cause a threat to your home or even put outdoor furniture in your home to make sure nothing could fall or blow away

Make sure you are informed on your indoor home safety.
Find areas in your home that are safe just in case of an emergency. When you are inside avoid messing with water or electrical areas. Also stay away from doors and windows.

Stay up to date on weather alerts.
Download your favorite news app and get alerts when there is severe weather is in your area. A “Severe Thunderstorm Watch” announcement will tell you where and when a storm may take place. A “Severe Thunderstorm Warning” announcement means that the storm has been reported to be in progress, and precautions should be taken immediately.

With the summer months approaching fast, make sure that you and you family are prepared for the severe weather. Here at Spivey Insurance Group we protect what is closest to you. Follow these tips and make sure that your home and auto policies are up to date with us. We want to make sure you are protected during severe weather. If you have any questions call Spivey Insurance Group at 704-821-4460. Stay connected with us and visit us at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus!

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