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Renters Insurance For Your College Student ~ Spivey Insurance Group

The time has finally come. Your child is now college bound. You knew it was coming for years. Your baby is growing up and striking out on their own. You are a little bit happy and a little bit sad but most likely the correct word is emotional.

You managed to find an affordable apartment and you you have reserved a U-Haul Trailer to move most of their belongings to their new apartment. Did you forget anything? The one thing that may have slipped your mind is Renters Insurance for your college student. Hey, it happens. You have so many other things on your mind. Here at The Spivey Insurance Group we are here to remind you and set your student up with an affordable Renters Insurance policy and you will not have to worry about being protected financially in case the unexpected happens.

We are asked this question a lot and the simple answer is yes if your student is not living in a dorm. If your student is in a dorm, your regular homeowners insurance will cover them. If they are off-campus, they will need Renters Insurance. Things like computers, books and furniture come to mind when figuring out what needs to be insured.

The cost of Renters Insurance depends on how much coverage your student needs to replace all their belongings. We can provide a Renters Insurance Policy for your College Student for as low as $12 a month. Call us today and let us help you and get your student insured. It’s simple & easy. Find out why our customer service is legendary.


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