Renters Insurance In Charlotte, NC

So many people in this economy have decided to rent instead of buying a home. 

That may be a pretty smart move.
A lot of economists say that our economy has hit the bottom and it’s on the rise. 
I hope that’s true, but new credit rules by banks have forced a lot of families to rent a home instead of buying. 
If you decide to rent, there are some insurance considerations that you need to be aware of.
Renters insurance in Charlotte, NC is very affordable and you can’t afford to be without it. 
If you are renting, the landlord is carrying insurance on the actual structure be it a home, condo or a townhouse.
What would happen if the home you were renting burned down and all of your items in the house were destroyed? 
The landlord will be protected because they have a landlord policy. If you don’t have a renters policy you will not get reimbursed for your stuff being destroyed. You are simply out of luck. 
We have seen this type of unfortunate accident happen and it just doesn’t have to be this way. An affordable renters insurance policy can protect all your items in the event of a catastrophe. 
Here at Spivey Insurance we have access to many insurance providers and we will find you the most affordable renters insurance policy that we can. Renters insurance quotes are free also. 
Here is what you should do. Find your renters policy and give us a call. We will analyze and make recommendations. If we can’t beat the price, we’ll tell you that also. 
One service that we provide that almost always can save you money is by bundling your renters insurance with 1 or more other policies.
Now what’s better than saving money and getting that peace of mind knowing that you are protected? 
Check out our fun video that explains the need for renters protection. 
We are local and when you call Spivey Insurance, you speak to real humans with real solutions.

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