Selling Your Home This Spring?

Spring tends to be the season of real estate. More homes are bought and sold in April, May and June than any other time of year. If you’re planning on selling your home because you’re upsizing, downsizing or just need a change of scenery, there are a few steps you may want to take. Your home could need some sprucing up before showing it to get the best price. Here are a few tips for selling your home.

Before starting anything, get a second opinion.

Maybe you still love that stenciling you did in your bathroom twenty years ago, but chances are not everyone will. It can be hard to take a step back and look at the home you’ve cared for and cherished for years with objective and unbiased eyes. Having a trusted friend or family member give their honest assessment of what they like and don’t like about your home is very valuable.

Update the interior of your home.

When was the last time your home was updated? If your kitchen cabinets are a color that hasn’t been popular since the 1970s or some of your rooms are wallpapered, it might be time to do some updating. Unless you’re living in a historic district, modernizing your home will greatly increase its value. 

Make sure your yard is looking its best.

Your property should burst with color if you want to attract potential buyers. Especially with it being spring, people are going to expect your yard to be well maintained. Consider planting some new flowers, trim all your bushes and hedges, and make sure your yard is free of debris. If you don’t have time for such a project or need help with ideas, paying for a few hours of a landscaping company’s time is well worth the investment. They’ll make sure your yard is beautiful, well-balanced and contains plants that are suitable for your environment. 

Hire a professional photographer.

After you get your home in optimum shape, the next step is showing it off! It would be a shame to go through all that work only to have less than stellar photographs for your listing. In this day and age, anyone interested in your home is going to look online for photos. Invest in a professional photographer who will know how to show off your home’s best assets and mask its weaker elements for your best chance at selling it.

Open and clean all your windows.

Sometimes a kind of “winter funk” settles in homes that haven’t been aired out in a while. Before showing your home, let the spring breeze flow through it and fill it with the warm, inviting scents of spring. Also be sure to wash all your curtains, drapes and windows thoroughly.

Another important piece of advice is don’t get discouraged! Selling a home can be a long, stressful process. All you can do is make your home look its best and be patient. 

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