The Side Effects of Prolonged Sitting        

Fun fact! Did you know that the average American sits around 13 hours per day and sleeps for 8 hours. That adds up to approximately 21 hours of inactivity. This can lead to some serious problems, which is why we are in such a health crisis today! Here at Spivey Insurance Group we want to make sure you strive to stay as active as possible during work days and even on the weekends. Below are just a handful of tips on how to continue to stay active during the work day.

  1. Get Your Spine Moving. When sitting at your desk you can use a wobble cushion, get a stand up desk, and maybe schedule some walking meetings. Any way to start standing up and get your body moving will help alleviate tension in your spine and back.
  2. Foam Rolling. When you sit for long periods of time your muscles become weak and tight. Using a foam roller include increased flexibility, better circulation, and less soreness from exercising.
  3. Burst Training. Exercise is great, but continue to keep moving throughout the day. It only takes 12 minutes to have short and intensity workout. Try going on a quick little walk during your lunch break or even some circuit workouts. Any type of movement helps!


Here at Spivey Insurance we want to make sure you have an enjoyable work environment in your office. Continue to exercise and get that heart rate going. Follow these quick tips on how to increase activity throughout the work day. If you have questions feel free Make sure to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus!

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