What is Spivey Insurance Group Most Thankful for?

Here at Spivey Insurance Group we have some of the hardest working insurance agents in Union County. While they are hard at work all throughout the year we like to let them enjoy time spent with their families this holiday season. We wanted to let our customers know a little bit more about our employees. They were asked these three simple questions:

  • I am thankful for…..
  • What are you looking forward to most this holiday season?
  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?



Sandra Spivey is thankful for:

  • Waking up to a new day each day
  • Family, her caring husband and 3 sweet boys
  • Her savior Jesus Christ
  • Her loving church

She is looking forward to spending time with my family. She is going to enjoy unrushing, unplugging, and being still. Sandra’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is the crispy edges of homemade dressing.

Chris Spivey is thankful for:

  • His Family
  • Our freedom
  • Our staff
  • Our fantastic clients and friends

He is looking forward to being with family. Chris’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is cabbage casserole.

Valerie Cox is thankful for:

  • Jesus! Without him, She is nothing!
  • Her Salvation!
  • Her Family & Friends
  • Her Church Family

She is looking forward to taking time off to spend with my family and of course black Friday shopping! Valerie’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is her Mama’s deviled eggs.

Angie Cassada is thankful for:

  • Her health
  • Her Family
  • Her Church
  • Her relationship with my Lord

She is looking forward to the time spent with her family and her granddaughter Parker’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Angie’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is homemade Mac and Cheese.

Kelly Price is thankful for:

  • She is thankful for my husband Chad
  • She is thankful for my loving family
  • She is thankful for cute little puppy June… some days
  • She is thankful for my friends

She is looking forward to the food and time off with family. Kelly’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is sweet potato casserole.

Colby Spivey is thankful for:

  • Time spent with my family
  • Belt holes in belts
  • Baggy Shirts
  • Not having to go to the grocery store for a while

He is looking forward to having his family around for holiday gatherings. And he of course is looking forward to starting his hibernation body for the winter. Colby’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is anything that once was able to walk, run, or fly.

Lisa Starnes is thankful for:

  • God’s provision in everything-salvation, love, food, shelter, clothing, job, transportation, memories
  • Her husband and son, family, friends, and neighbors
  • Opportunities to serve others even when she doesn’t feel like she can or have anything to offer them, God reminds her all she has to do is tell of his love for them
  • To be able to move, walk, see, hear, taste, smell, laugh, hug, cry -all the things she takes for granted

She is looking forward to spending time together with her family, getting some rest, and sleeping in. Her favorite Thanksgiving dish is turkey.

Kim Matthews is thankful for:

  • Her Job
  • Her Health
  • Her Family
  • Her Faith and Living in the South

She is looking forward to spending time with her family this holiday season. Her favorite Thanksgiving dish is ambrosia.

Beth Thomas is thankful for:

  • Her family and friends
  • Living in a free country
  • Good health
  • Amazon.com!

She is looking forward to spending time with the family in the kitchen and baking a wide variety of items like cookies, Chex-mix, and turkey.  Her favorite Thanksgiving dish is her aunt’s sweet potato casserole with a brown sugar pecan crumble on top! She looks forward to it every year.

Here at Spivey Insurance we like to recognize our staff. We wanted to let our customers know what our employees are looking forward to this holiday season.  We hope you and your family enjoy this Thanksgiving. If you have questions regarding your insurance policy give us a call at 704-821- 4460 or connect with us on TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Google Plus.

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