Summer Landscape Tips

With the hot summer weather still in full bloom, we want to make sure that your yard is the best looking one on the block. Make sure to follow these tips to make sure your house is prepared for the summer heat!

  1. Water Properly. People think that the summer months you need to water more frequently, but that is not always the case. All plants are different and have things inside them to deal with the summer heat. Water your plants less often, but deeply, water early in the morning or evening hours, and use a drip irrigation system.
  2. Consistent Care. You as the homeowner need to have consistent care of your yard. Have your yard aerated, fertilized, and remove any weeds. Give it the constant care it needs!
  3. Mow Correctly. It is not always best to mow your grass short, but this is not always the case. Do not mow after it rains because the grass with clump. Mow in the morning because lower temperatures. Lastly, change the direction in which you mow. 


Having an impressive yard can add value to your property. Here at Spivey Insurance Group we want to make sure your yard is looking great this Summer. Call one of our agents today if you have questions at 704-821-4460. Show us your yard on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

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