Support the Local Community for Small Business Saturday

Today is national small business Saturday. Here at Spivey Insurance Group we take great pride in being a small business and serving our customers across the Carolinas to the best of our ability. It isn’t easy being a small business owner. Small businesses can face unique and difficult challenges, but it is also very rewarding. We want our community to take their time out of the Saturday to shop local and show these small businesses how much we care. Owning a small business is hard work, discipline, and many other factors to run a successful business. Small businesses make up a majority of the workforce in the United States. Being a small business offers some impressive advantages against large companies such as:

  • Knowing customers on first name basis
  • Build personal relationships with employees/co-workers
  • Community involvement
  • Handle concerns, questions, complaints immediately
  • More flexibility in trying new things and being innovative
  • Small businesses show a great passion for what they do


If you are a small business in the area we recommend you align yourself with other small businesses in the area with similar goals. This will result in more exposure for your business than trying to get your business’ name out there on your own. Start by finding other like-minded business; businesses that share the same audience as you. It is important to keep in mind to align with a business that complement yours, not compete with it. Network with other small business owners in your area to find who/what would be a good complement.

Once you have found a business that can work well with yours and another local business owner who seems reliable and trustworthy, start setting objectives that you want to achieve with your business alliance. Consider advertising as a group or hosting a local event. In this day in age social media shows the community what your business is doing for the upcoming weeks and months. Partnering with other local businesses is more feasible to get more exposure to the community. Spivey Insurance Group is a local business supported by local customers. Spivey Insurance Group host many community events throughout the year and would love to see you join! Call one of our insurance specialists today at 704-821-4460. See what Spivey Insurance Group is doing around the community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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