Taking The Stress Out Of Buying Auto Insurance For Teenagers In The Charlotte Area

If you already have or will soon have a teenage driver in your family, the question we always receive is “does my teen driver need his or her own auto policy?” 

It is possible for a teen to get their own policy, but if you want to save money, a family should add the teen driver to the family auto policy. 
Some people think that it might be less expensive to get their own policy..well, it is just the opposite. 
Here is the thinking of insurance companies and how they make their determinations. Teenagers are considered less experienced and often more accident –prone than adults. 
Teen auto insurance rates would be extremely high. 
Here at Spivey Insurance, We can help you walk through this process. Adding a teen driver can be overwhelming from the stress of them driving to the higher premiums. 
Every agent here at Spivey Insurance has personal experience adding their own son or daughter to their policy. 
We are familiar and know where we can save you money if you are shopping for Charlotte teenager auto insurance rates. 
Call us ay 704-821-4460 let us help you save some money and make these situations less stressful. That is what we do best.

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