Teen Driving App!

Do you have a teen driver? If so, we have something that you may want to hear!

Lessen that parental anxiety that teen driving causes with a smartphone app developed at UNC that helps parents guide their teen’s driving practice.

Time to Drive, the app that helps with teen drivers, was developed by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) and the Center for the Study of Young Drivers. Time to Drive is the first research-based iPhone app designed to help parents ensure their teen gets enough driving practice – and the right kind of practice – during the lengthy initial period of supervised driving.

Yes, this stage will be conquered by your teen just as many other milestones have been before. Make sure that you and your teen are comfortable with their driving before they begin traveling solo.

Do no forget that your teen will need to be insured! This protects them, as well as other. Automotive insurance is a necessity for your new driver! Here at Spivey Insurance Group, we will serve you with quality insurance.

Don’t forget to check out the app, Time to Drive.
Time to Drive can be purchased in the Apple iTunes store. All proceeds from the app go toward maintaining the app and supporting research by the Center for the Study of Young Drivers.

Do your part to keep our teen drivers safe!


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