Does your Teenager Need a Summer Job?

The summer months are the perfect time for teenagers to get a job. Between lifeguarding to mowing grass, many seasonal jobs are available for your teenager to get started making their own money. The first step in getting your teenager to get a summer job is to get motivated, and that motivation comes from you, the parent. As a parent, you can be the example for your kid as they begin their search for their first job. Tell them experiences from your first job, what you did with the money you made, and the skills you learned. Hearing experiences from the personal they already look up too will give them the motivation to get off the couch and go look for a job.

Teenagers do not understand the importance of financial responsibility. When they get their first paycheck, they are most likely going to blow it on something. Over time, you can help them save a portion of their paycheck to save up for something that they have been wanting for a while. This technique helps teach teenagers financial responsibility. Having your teenager focus on money will also keep this distracted this summer to focus on anything else.

There are benefits for your teenager getting a summer job. Building the steps for the future for your kids are important as a parent, and it can all start by getting a summer job. Look in the local newspaper and talk about the community for job openings.Feel free to give us a call at 704-821-4460 or stop by our office. Make sure you stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Google Plus.

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