Text to your Death

Okay, maybe that is a little aggressive, but did I catch your attention? Do not underestimate the number of drivers around you texting or just simply on their phone. You may be the perfect driver but that does not mean someone around you is not a stupid driver.

Is it worth it?

I know how critical it is to text your mom back what you want to eat. Or email your boss about how your meeting went. I can promise you nothing is important enough. The risk of picking up the phone is too high to take.

Who is watching?

Everyone. Not only other drivers on the road, but our friends, children, spouse etc. Trust me, You do not want to be the example “Don’t end up like this guy”. You may think that you do not make a difference, but you do. People look up to you.

What can I do about it?

Well, the first thing we can do is stop doing it ourselves. The growing generation is watching us. They are watching our every move. We must set a good example if we want them to listen to us. We must first put the phone down even if that means we put it in our glove box.

What benefits do I get?

Well for starters, I can promise you that your risk of getting into an accident is less. You know what that means… Lower insurance premiums. Who does not like lower premiums? No one. But whether you have a good or bad record, Spivey can help protect what is closest to you!

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