How to Throw a Healthy Labor Day Cookout

Labor Day is the holiday we like to celebrate here at Spivey Insurance Group. Many businesses in our community are closed for the long weekend. This is a great long weekend to spend with your family and throw a healthy Labor Day cookout. We have some great ideas to make sure you are being healthy on the last holiday of the summer. Here are some great healthy recipes for your Labor Day weekend.

Roasted Vegetables. You can either roast your vegetables in the oven or grill them. Some vegetables that are great to use are squash, zucchini, onions, and potatoes. Just add some extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper and these vegetables will add color to your dinner.

Grilled Chicken/Fish. Chicken and fish are not your common cookout meal, but if you and your family are looking to eat healthy these are always two perfect options. Simply look up grilled chicken/fish marinates on Pinterest. This is a great resource for new healthy recipes.

Dessert. Pinterest is another great website to use to find new and delicious dessert ideas. You can also use websites like Food Network and Delish.com. We recommend googling any healthy dessert options to make sure your dessert stays light and fresh option.

With the summer coming to an end before we transition into fall weather here at Spivey Insurance Group we want you to have a fantastic weekend with opportunity for three days of rest, relaxation, and summer fun. If you are traveling this Labor Day weekend make sure you are up to date on your car insurance. We love to see what you are doing this Labor Day weekend. Share with us your eventful weekend on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Google Plus.

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