Tips and Tricks to Saving Money and Growing your Small Business.

Starting a business can be hard work and a lot of money. Saving where it matters most can be very beneficial. Here are a few ways you can save with whatever business you start.

Ways to Get Clients.

A lot of the time when you start a business you feel as if you need to buy into marketing/advertising plans or schemes to get clients. Sometimes you may need to, depending on the business, or you may have a cheaper solution. Referrals. You can market yourself through your clients by giving perks to people that refer business to you. There are many ways you can do that but ultimately it is a win-win situation.


Often there are two ways you can look at other businesses, Competition or Opportunities. Sometimes businesses can be solely competition and that is normal. Sometimes you can work with other small business and help each other. As a restaurant, you can work with motels/hotels in the area and vice versa. Or as a dealership your can work with rental car facilities. There will always be opportunities for partnerships you will just have to go out of your way to look for them.

Flashy is not Catchy.

Sometimes when we start a business, we are so focused on the look. We want people to be impressed with our company. Well of course, but we do not need to break the bank to impress people. There are cheap ways to find cool stuff for our business. Facebook marketplace has a great variety of items for cheap.

Here at Spivey, we incorporate all these things to help the success of our business. Our Referral Program has not only grown our business, but people want to come to us. When someone refers someone, it means more than an insurance company cold calling you in hopes to beat your current rate. We also have partners with not only our clients but other agencies as well. We love to help each other. Follow our Social media to keep up with our referral programs, partnerships, and clients Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest!

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