Tips for a Successful Tailgate

It’s finally football season! Here at Spivey Insurance we love to celebrate this time of the year. We want to make sure you have a fun and safe tailgating season with your family and friends. Don’t let the distractions of tailgating, friendly get-togethers, the game or your busy neighborhood lead you to disregard safety issues. We have created a list of helpful tips that will make sure your tailgate is a success.

1. Follow all rules posted at your tailgate sight. If you are bringing smaller children with you make sure you know where they are located at all times.

2. If you are planning on grilling, make sure your grill is placed a reasonable distance away from your vehicle. Heat from the grill can damage the paint and could ignite the gas tank. Always have a small fire extinguisher on hand if an accident arises.

3. Package and separate raw meats and poultry in your cooler to prevent contact with other foods, particularly raw vegetables. Also keep your cold foods cold and hot foods hot. Pack enough ice to keep foods from spoiling.

4. When it is time to go into the game make sure to keep all valuable possessions, such as phones, wallets and purses with you at all times or lock them in your car, out of view.

5. When planning your tailgate menu you can look up great tailgating themed food on Pinterest and make sure you incorporate snacks from your favorite team. Pinterest has fun and easy recipes that will help your tailgate stand out.

There are several keys elements to think about when you are planning your family’s tailgate. Make sure to follow these tips so you don’t ruin the festive day of tailgating. These five tips allow you to have a crash course in tailgating safety and you and your guests will enjoy a healthy and entertaining day before the game. Share with us your favorite team on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Google Plus.

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