Tis’ the Season of the Easter Bunny!

According to the House Rabbit Society, thousands of baby rabbits are purchased as gifts every year for Easter or used as props for the holiday. However, what most people don’t know is the amount of commitment it takes to having a rabbit as a pet. Did you know that rabbits can live anywhere from seven to ten or more years and require the same long-term care as dogs and cats? Most people don’t, and that is why many of them are left abandoned in the weeks and months that follow the holiday when children get bored with them or parents realize that they can wreck havoc on a home. Once the novelty of Easter wears off, the interest in the pet bunny fades and it is left to fend for itself in the wild or given away to an animal shelter. Still interested in purchasing a rabbit for Easter? The following are some things to consider before adding a furry friend to your family pets….

-Young children and bunnies aren’t such a good match.

-Pet rabbits aren’t low-maintenance pets―they have specific dietary and veterinary needs, and must be handled with care.

-Pet rabbits must be live indoors, with their human families. They have weak hearts and can be easily scared into a heart attack if left as an outside pet in a cage, and also suffer from other common health problems.

-If rabbits are left uneutered, they can chew, spray and dig around your home.

-In addition, according to the House Rabbit Society, rabbits are known to chew cords and furniture around the house. Unfortunately, homeowner insurance is unlikely to cover damages caused by your pet…

What’s the Solution??

Ever heard of Pet Insurance? According to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), currently the largest pet insurer in the nation and the only one that supplies rabbit insurance, rabbits are actually third to cats and dogs in being insured. Currently they insure about 2,000 pet rabbits in the nation. But why should you insure your pet rabbit?

Rabbits can suffer from a variety of health issues including, bowel obstruction, overgrown teeth, bladder infections, upper respiratory infections, skin tumors, arthritis, and both ear and eye infections. Rabbits are a big commitment and before you purchase one this holiday season, find out all the ins and outs of taking caring of a pet rabbit.

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Sources: Insure.com, ASPCA.org

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