Ways Your Business Can Save on Shipping

If you’re in the business of sending packages to customers, shipping is a necessary evil. However, you won’t have to go broke just because you have customers all around the world.

Compare Carrier Costs

Choosing a single carrier might not be the best option for your business, especially if you ship internationally. The major shippers have tools that you can use to compare shipping based on package weight and dimensions. It might be cheaper to use FedEx for some packages but USPS for others.

Work With Your Carrier

For individuals and businesses that rarely ship, stopping down at the local post office works well enough; however, it’s just not going to cut it when you ship merchandise or samples on a frequent basis. Mailing companies have representatives who can work with you to find the best balance for your business. Consider things such as shipping via or by ground, the latter of which is cheaper if you don’t have a tight arrival deadline.

Communicate with Employees

While you might know the best times and ways to ship products without going broke, your employees need this same information. What they don’t know might negate any savings that you accrue, so inform your staff of the measures they should be taking to help the company save money. For example, mailing at specific times might incur extra fees, so advise your staff members to avoid those times.

Pay for Only What You Ship

It’s definitely easier to pop those items in Priority Mail box and drop it off at USPS, but is it wasting money? Invest in a postage meter to accurately measure your packages. Stop paying for extra weight because you’re guessing how much your packages weigh. Postage meters also give you the option to print shipping labels yourself, which saves time and money when you can just drop it off in a box instead of heading down to the facility or paying for pickup.



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