Wedding Season Is Here. Don’t Be A Victim, Buy Wedding Insurance

At Spivey Insurance Group, we are specialists in protecting you and the things you own with our custom insurance products.

Our staff is highly trained with years of experience. It’s our experience which helps guide us when we offer insurance advice and guidance. Spivey insurance has provided insurance products to the greater Charlotte, NC area for many years. 

We have written and even made videos about the importance of Wedding Insurance for your Charlotte area wedding

The last thing we want to see are brides to be becoming victims. Unfortunately, there are many wedding businesses that pop up one day and they are gone the next. Too many times they are gone with your money. In the Charlotte area, 2 very high profile bridal salons have gone out of business in the past 4 years. 

These 2 bridal shops did not order a lot of wedding gowns after receiving money and many local brides lost thousands of dollars. 

The Charlotte Better Business Bureau received complaints from at least 46 brides in 2008 that these local shops deceived these brides. One of the questionable bridal shops filed bankruptcy in 2009. 

We recommend that brides do their homework before spending their money. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there is a history of complaints for the bridal salon you are about to do business with.

Consider paying with a credit card so you have the ability to dispute charges.

Only pay the deposit when ordering your dress. Never pay in full until you receive your dress. It should be a red flag to you if you are offered a discount if you pay in full now. 

Scrutinize your dress when it arrives. Make sure the dress wasn’t switched with a sample dress.

Bridal shops do most of their business with their clients paying in advance for services. Make sure that you buy wedding insurance to protect you and ensure that your wedding has a happy ending.

The average wedding costs nearly $30,000 and it makes good financial sense to protect yourself.

You can easily check on a wedding business by visiting www.bbb.org or you can call them at 1-877-317-7236 toll free.

Call Spivey Insurance today and we will help guide you through this wonderful time of your life and protect the happiest day of your life. 


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